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June 28
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soooooo i made a commission chart….and here’s some rules

what i do 

  • oc
  • fanart
  • bgs, sure i kinda like doing bgs
  • nsfw maybeeeee

what i don’t do 

  • animals, i can do furry but not animals yet sorry
  • bloody stuffs…
  • my NOTP….

comic commission

yes so my profession is comic making, i had won price so it won’t be too bad. i may make some grammar mistake or something but nothing big though.

i will need some information if you want to commission an one-page

  • character’s personality (relationships with other characters etc)
  • story summary
  • story back ground 
  • special requirements if you have one

postcard commission

freeee shipping~ and maybe if you want, you can purchased the existence postcards, which is on the chart, 12 usd/ per postcard, 

couple commission

i can do kissing, hugging, cuddling, yeah i’m kinda good at that. or maybe nsfw (maybeeeee)

all the commission will take me about one or two weeks to finish, all payment via paypal, you will want one if you wanna commission me :P

my paypal account: sasatseng@hotmail.com

you can note me on tumblr or email (same address to the payapl account) me the reference. 

feel free to ask, i don’t bite.

share it if you like or whatever u//-//u

edit: spirou postcard has been sold, two left so order them if you want it asap :O

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June 23
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June 02
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June 02
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June 02
Anonymous said: Oh why you deleted your avatar at LP? D: Surely I really really adore your artwork! - V

Ohhhhh my!!!! I’m so sorry for not informing my friends before deleting my ava..!! Sorry if that bothers you ahhh..!!; _ ;

It’s because….I kinda wanted a male ava…(*covers face with hands*)

And thanks for liking my work…you’re so kind. ; ;//////

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May 12

Brother Summer, Brother Winter.

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May 04
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May 04

don’t even know why i did this in the first place
errrr okay bye

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February 19
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So I received a lovely gift from Cris → X
and then this happened, sorry.

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February 12
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February 06
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Some day I will draw proper fanart of Samurai 7.

Today is not that day.

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January 30
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January 26
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more frozen genderbend. :P

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January 24
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January 22
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